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Paper Dreams

Paper Jams was our group's entry to Luddam Dare in April 2016. The theme was shapeshifter and so our game used this theme in the form of a simple platformer whose principle mechanic was to shapeshift the world.

Paper Dreams

An example of the shifting viewport in Paper Dreams.

An example of the shifting viewport in Paper Dreams.


a few weeks earlier...

This entry for the Luddum Dare game jam in April 2016 crossed international lines. I teamed up with a Spanish artist named Jaime Herrera I had met at a local Boston Indies Demo Night who was visiting his significant other living in the United States several weeks before the game jam took place. At the time we met he had never done a game jam and we hit it off talking about games we had previously developed for work and fun. We decided we would do a jam together in the near future regardless of the time zone differences and difficulties of working remotely. He flew back to his hometown in Spain the next day.

As the April date for Luddum Dare approached, we decided we would work together on an entry. We would start at the same time the jam opened up, which ended up being 2 AM for him and 9 PM for me. Our focus was on a simple mechanic of shapeshifting the environment that we could reuse in different ways in a familiar environment to many players (a 2D platformer). Each level has a different way in which the navigable area of the level is altered by shifting your view of the 2D world.

With this mechanic finished halfway through Saturday we were able to spend the rest of that day and most of the following Sunday creating levels and adding polish. I programmed and designed the game with Jaime following through with a well-animated character and consistent, good looking art. The end result is that we made a simple, easy to understand game that was easy to build levels for (thirteen in all). For us working together for the first time and entirely online, it was a great success.

You can play Paper Dreams on the web or download it and play locally here.


Jeff Campbell: Programming/Design/QA

Jaime Herrera: Artist/QA


A few of the levels in Paper Dreams