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Open Source Projects

Open Source Projects I created and actively maintain for free usage by other game developers. Supports personal and commercial usage.


Open Source Projects


These are open source projects for game development tools and libraries that I created and actively maintain. They represent countless hours of learning and work. If these are useful to you and/or you’d like to see future development on them and more tools in the future, please consider supporting them either by contributing to the Github projects (submitting bug reports or features,pull requests) or by buying me coffee using the links below. Every little bit helps!




JTween is a data-driven, job-based tweening library for Unity. It places a focus on performance by attempting to shift the processing of tween data and applying that data to tween targets on Job threads.


Inspector for the PackageManifest asset

Package Tools

The JCM Package tools is a set of Unity Editor tools that make it easier for developer to share their own tools, plugins, etc... as packages that other users can then import via the native Unity Package Manager. 


Asset Validator

The Asset Validator is a Unity Editor QA tool for validating content in a project (both in scenes and in the Assets folder). It can be run either as part of a continuous integration (CI) setup in an automated fashion or manually in the Unity Editor itself.